About Rebecca Garland


Teacher by day. Writer by night. Brilliant 24/7.

I’m a freelance writer born, raised and working in Texas – which immediately sets me apart from about 96 percent of the writers in this industry. I have more than a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs and satisfying small business owners. I specialize in creating website content, blog posts and handling other written materials for my clients both here in Houston and around the world.

My diverse background serves me well in this career. My first degree was a combination of project management and project engineering from one of the highest ranked business schools in the nation. I put that degree to work when I started my professional career as a business process risk consultant with a Top 5 consulting firm and then went on to spend time as a power accountant working in Houston’s energy sector.

As fun as it was to work in a corporate setting, I wanted a chance to utilize different parts of my abilities, so I have spent the last ten years teaching at-risk students. I currently teach British Literature in a high school dedicated to serving students facing distinct challenges. I find that making troubled teens love Beowulf and MLA research papers keeps one part of my busy mind engaged while creating informative blogs and business copy satisfies the other.

I’ve gone on to earn my Masters degree in Library and Information Science and the moments of my day that aren’t filled with surly teenagers or satisfied clients, I spend raising my own family and steadily improving the big fixer-upper I call home.

Find me on LinkedIn or email me directly at info@internetauthor.net.

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