Copywriting draws in readers and encourages action.

Effective copywriting converts those readers into conversions boldly and more inconspicuously.

Within copywriting you’ll find emails, long-form sales letters, press releases, tailored articles and structured web content. While all are effective, certain forms of copywriting convert readers subtly through clever word usage and phrasing- the soft sell.

Soft” copy:

  • Helps intelligent readers discover facts that relate to their decisions.
  • Gently sways opinion through word choice and tone.
  • Guides rather than pushes readers toward decisions.
  • Uses clues and references to sway decisions.
  • Reads as an authoritative article or web page.
  • Includes trust-building aspects on About Us and similar pages.
  • Can include press releases, informative emails, detailed articles and authoritative content.

It is the tone and approach that makes soft copy effective. While in-your-face sales letters certainly convert, it is the undercurrents of soft copy that are most relevant to many higher-end product and service offerings.


“Rebecca is doing a big project on one of my sites. I hire cheap writers for “normal” content all the time but this thing needs to be top notch.

I have been more than satisfied with her work. She really goes the extra mile to help me map out the bigger picture of the content (it’s pretty tricky stuff, otherwise I would have done it myself) and then she comes back with the exact content I want.

Considering that the stuff I need done is really complicated, and the fact that she has been able to deliver on that to my total satisfaction, makes me more than confident to recommend her for articles.

She’s not cheap, but if you need top notch – Rebecca will deliver the kind of content you don’t just outsource because you are lacking time, but just because you need “better-than-self-made””

– Bruusk, Niche Choppers VIP

Subtle Web Copywriting

A copywriter who specializes in the soft sale creates trust through your website.

Through carefully detailed pages that use appropriate language targeted to your users, your site’s visitor finds relevant information and builds a relationship with the site itself.

This trust leads the visitor to subscribe, return and, most importantly, buy. The reader who enjoys their time on a site is likely to bookmark, link to and recommend the site to others. Copywriting gets results and creates lasting value.

Copywriting Rates

Please view my portfolio to see samples of my work. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and to check availability. Below are my rates for copywriting:

Material Rate
Emails and Sales Pages $10-15 per 100 words
Sales Letter $10-15 per 100 words
Website Copy $10-15 per 100 words
Hourly Rate for Copywriting $50-75 per hour